OBDii Connectors, cables and obd2 scanners

Here’s a sample of the products we carry at Carplugs.com. We sell female, male (j1962) and premium male connectors. OBD cables are also a specialty car electronic product that we carry. Finally, scantool for checking and car diagnostics is one of most important obd2 article on sale at Carplugs.com:



  • Female OBD2 connector, bracket type. The most common female obd2 connector that is installed under your dashboard. The female obd2 kit includes 10 female pins and two TPA (terminal position assurance) locks.

Female bracket type obd2 connector



  • Male OBD2 connector. This connector is a bare (without shell and strain relief). This plug is great for making your own obdii cable or other project. The connector comes with 10 male pins and a metal clip.

Male Obd2 (j1962) connector



  • OBD2 splitter cable. This is our most popular cable. It is great for connector two instruments to the same female connector output, example: installing a scantool and a GPS on the same connector under your dashboard. No need to unplug and re-plug each interface at the time to your car.

Obd2 splitter cable



  • OBDLink MX Bluetooth. The most popular and most advanced scantool available. It gives you access to GM’s and Ford’s proprietary buses (MSCAN and SWCAN). This is for reading special manufacturer codes like PID’s for SRS/Airbags.

OBLink MX Bluetooth obdii scanner



  • Premium OBD2 Connector. This male plug has a shell and strain relief for your cable. This is a solder type connector.

Premium Male OBDii Connector



  • Female OBD2 connector, snap type. This female obd2 connector is mostly used in European cars like Audi and Volkswagen. The connector is located under a small panel door in the middle on your dashboard.  The female obd2 kit includes 10 female pins and two TPA (terminal position assurance) locks.

Obd2 female snap type connector