OBD2 Cable Type B

J1962M to DB9F, OBD2 Cable Type B

Price: $ 13.00

Item #: 19000

Weight: 6oz / 172g

Length: 6ft / 180cm

RoHs Compliant

26 AWG

The OBD-II cable is designed to be used in conjunction with OBDLink family of interfaces (or other interfaces, which isolate your computer from the vehicle’s electrical system). Plugging the cable directly into the PC may damage the serial port.

Please note that this cable cannot be used alone, you need an OBD2 interface, for example:



How is Type B cable different from Type D?

a) Type B cable does not have the alignment tab.

b) Type B’s connector shell is about 0.2mm thinner.

c) Type B’s physical appearance is different.

What are the implications?

Due to its mechanical differences, Type B cable works in a wider range of applications – for example, it fits in 24-V female connectors as well as the regular 12-V connectors. Because of its thinner shell, it also works in some European cars which do not follow the SAE J1962 access area requirements and whose connectors are molded into the dashboard (snap type female).

Electrically, the two cables are identical.

Very good noise immunity:

BUS+/BUS-, and CAN High/Low lines are twisted pairs.

External shielding (aluminum foil).

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