OBD-II GM Software

Carplugs is proud to offer the Scan XL Software package for all OBDLink Scantools and
also the ScanXL
GM enhanced diagnostics add-on for the OBDLink ScanXL.
GM Enhanced Diagnostics Add-On For ScanXL Users

The GM enhanced diagnostics add-on supports all Chevrolet, Pontiac,Buick, GMC and
Cadillac vehicles from 1996 - 2010. Also, it's supports most Saturn cars. In addition to giving
you the ability to read and clear codes on powertrain, hybrid, ABS, airbag, transmission and
other proprietary systems, it also adds thousands of new parameters and sensors for both
gasoline and diesel vehicles.

ScanXL GM Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on is for use exclusively with the OBDLink family of
scan tools

Note: You must own an OBDLink scantool like this one before purchasing the GM software
package, clones devices like ELM327 (Ebay), OBd2pros, obd2allinone and Chinese clones
do not work.
All Sales are final, once you make a purchase there are no refunds.

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If you are the owner of an independent service or repair facility then you know that
good tools can mean the difference between being able to find and fix the
problem, or having to send the customer elsewhere.

With generic only OBD-II scan tools you often cannot service some vehicle
systems like ABS, airbag, or other proprietary systems. Using our ScanXL™ GM
Enhanced Diagnostic Add-on, you now have access to dealer-level diagnostic
capabilities for not only the powertrain systems, but also ABS, Hybrid, airbag, and
other proprietary systems that would otherwise require expensive dealer tools to
work with.

ScanXL GM Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on can only be used with the ScanXL software.
The ScanXL software must be purchased before the GM Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on can be used.

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$ 80.00 USD
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