Mazda Add-On for ScanXL Software

Carplugs is proud to offer the Mazda enhanced diagnostics plug-in for all OBDLink Scantools. Using the ScanXL Mazda Enhanced Plug-In, you now have access to dealer-like diagnostic capacities for powertrain components, Anti-Lock Brakes, SRS, and other car manufacturer systems that would need costly special software for scanning.

With regular OBDII scanners, you often cannot service some vehicle systems like ABS, SRS, or other proprietary components. This software package is essential for all owner of repair shops and serious hobbyist, it can make a difference bettwen solutioning a serious problem or sending the vehicle elsewhere.

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ScanXL Mazda Enhanced Software Plug-In can only be used with the ScanXL standard software. The ScanXL software must be purchased before the Mazda Add-on can be used.

Mazda Enhanced Add-On For ScanXL Users

The ScanXL Mazda software plug-in is compatible with all Mazda cars from 1996 – 2014. As an additional benefit to giving you the capability to clear and read special diagnostic codes on engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, hybrid and other proprietary systems, you also get several hundred of unlocked sensors and parameters for both diesel and gas vehicles.

The ScanXL Mazda supplementary add-on is for use exclusively with the OBDLink family of scanners.

Note: ScanXL Mazda Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on can only be used with the ScanXL software. The ScanXL software must be purchased before the Mazda Enhanced Diagnostics Add-on can be used. All Sales are final, once you make a purchase there are no refunds. This product is download-only. Your activation code and a download link will be sent to you by email within 1 business day.


The Mazda enhanced diagnostics plug-in unlocks access to special hidden codes on Mazda cars. The following make (years 1996-2014) is compatible:

  • Mazda

Accessible systems include:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • ABS
  • Airbag (SRS)
  • 4×4
  • Tire Pressure Monitor (TPS)
  • Battery Control Module (BCM)
  • Generic OBDII

For a full list of available parameters, see the Mazda Enhanced Parameter List.

Note: not all features are available to all models or years.

What’s included:

  • Mazda ScanXL Add-on Software License Key sent by email after the purchase.
  • Please check that your junk mail filters are configured to accept e-mail from Carplugs.



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