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Welcome to your one-stop store for everything on-board diagnostic for today's complex vehicles.

What do we sell?

We sell obd2 cables, obdII (J1962) connectors and also OBDii scanner interfaces for reading your car's computer. Most of our customers are hobbyists that are looking to make a cable for a specific application, hybrid (hev) or plug-in hybrid (phev) car owners that need to modify their internal software or even an electric vehicle (ev) enthusiasts. Some customers are garage owners or weekend mechanics that need a low cost code reader solution. We also sell to large and small corporations.

OBD2 Scanners

The Obd2 scanner is a great way to diagnose your car’s health. If it’s only to read or clean your check engine on your dashboard or to really learn how fuel trims work. Reading the different sensors on your automobile’s engine can make you save hundreds of dollars!

Also, you can learn how you car works by using an interface and the appropriate software to connect to your car's brain.

Obd2 (J1962) Connectors

The male plug is used to connect to your car's computer or to make a custom made cable. The female is ideal for making an extension cable or some other apparatus (carputer).

Obd2 Cables

Obdii cables are designed to interface between your vehicle's female OBD2 connector and your scanner (scan tool).

Note: obd2, obd-11, obdii, obd and obd-2 are synonyms for the same automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability.

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